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Learning new skills – lawnmowing

January 16, 2018


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For the last couple of years, one of the jobs I wish Nat had been able to do was mow the lawns. Every time I saw my dad or sister-in-law mow our lawns, I wished they were out there showing Nat what to do. I’ve always felt that this is one job around the house that I’m happy to pay the kids to do.

With everything Nat’s been through, it was actually dangerous for him to be behind the lawnmower as he couldn’t stand up without help!

Tonight my dream of my 16 year old mowing the lawn came true!

Tonight after dinner, my dad took Nat out to teach him how to mow the lawn. It’s a learned skill that often, as adults, we forget that we needed to learn.

I’m looking forward to the time when Nat is able to mow the lawns by himself and earn some pocket money… it won’t be long!