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A ‘normal’ injury

This afternoon, Nat went out for a bike ride. He hadn’t been gone long when I received a phone call – he’d had an accident and fallen off his bike, and could I come and pick him up.

With CRPS, we constantly have the worry that his body will give a CRPS response to any pain, so I went to pick him up.

He was on the nature strip with blood on his knee, and was as white as a sheet. I got both him and his bike in the car (I have a small hatchback, and I’m amazed the bike fit!). As I started to turn to go home, Nat complained that when his eyes were open, everything was white. He was also shaking. So I turned around and we went right to the GP.

We were seen right away. After lying down for a while, colour came back into his face, however there was a CRPS-like pain reaction! He kept wiggling his toes and chewed on some chewing gum to help keep things under control.

The doctor reassured Nat that it was a normal injury, and that shock was common. The nurse cleaned his knee and dressed it and we headed home.

Nat’s normal injury!


He’s going to be sore for a while, and we are crossing our fingers it stays as just a sore knee. At least now we have many more things in our tool box to help keep the CRPS under control. If things get bad, we have a physio appointment on Thursday…

It’s funny, we’ve almost forgotten what to do with a normal childhood injury!