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Having a bath…

August 18, 2017


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One of the challenges we have is how Nat can have a bath or a shower. Our shower recess is fairly small and won’t fit a shower chair, plus, it has a fixed shower nozzle, so a bath is really the only option.

As his legs and feet are so sensitive, this poses challenges too.

Putting his feet in the bath means they turn bright red and and super-sensitive for ages after the bath. Lying in the bath and putting his feet up on the edge is less than ideal too.

When we had an OT come and visit, she suggested a bath chair and shower hose so he could sit on the chair over the bath and use the hose like a shower. We tried this, and it didn’t work too well as his feet were still in the water and that made the pain even worse…

We have come up with our own solution. Our bath has a deep end where the plug hole is, and a shallow end. He sits in the deep end and uses the shower hose and a face washer to bathe.

He still has to be very careful not to get his feet too wet and it’s a struggle to get in and out, but he manages. After the bath he was still in a lot of pain, especially where his feet weren’t fully dry, but it didn’t last quite as long as if he’d had his feet in the warm water.

Nat has also blogged about what it’s like for him in a bath. You can read his post here.