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Pain, pain, pain….

August 26, 2017


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When my babies were born, I received numerous brochures that would tell me that, in order to relieve my babies pain, I could give them Panadol and/or Neurofen, and they would be better, sleep, etc. Over the years, the ads on TV have told me the same thing…

But nothing in the brochures or books will tell you how to deal with pain that is worse than childbirth!!

Right now, I am listening to my incredibly brave 15 year old madly cubing and saying “ow, ow” at regular intervals. A bit over an hour ago, his pain increased, even though he’s on a ketamine infusion and taking other pain meds. It’s so bad that he can’t put his feet on the floor, and air movement is hurting.

I feel so useless right now, there is nothing I can do to help him. He doesn’t want to be touched, so I can’t even give him a hug! I’m just here and I hope he knows that, ready to offer whatever support I can.

Thankfully we are in hospital and the nurses have called the pain team… we are waiting to hear what they say. Unfortunately, the pain seems to be getting steadily worse.

As a mum, you’re told that you’re there to fix their pain. Kiss it and make it all better. Give them something, do something.

The problem with the sort of pain that Nat is in is that no amount of kissing will make it better. We can just put our trust in the doctor’s and pain team and hope that they can help, and just be there for them.

My heart is breaking to see him in so much pain.

CRPS is really a crappy condition to have (and that is the clean version)!