Trip to the zoo

September 30, 2015


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Two and a half weeks ago, Zac started his CFS rehab program. We knew that the kids would be planning a day trip, most likely to the zoo. Well, today was that day!

Part of the program involved the kids planning the day, what they wanted to see, rest periods, etc, so they would be able to plan outings and events when the program ended. To say Zac was excited about this trip was an understatement.

He had a wonderful time, and did get to enjoy the reptile house!

This afternoon, he went for a bike ride and a play in the park. He hasn’t been able to do this much activity in a very, very long time! Thankfully tomorrow will be a quiet day where he can get a lot of rest. Fingers crossed he doesn’t have a crash.

It’s been so great seeing his progress in the last few weeks. We have all been learning a lot about CFS and how to avoid the cycle of doing too much when he has energy then crashing!

Next week is the last week of of the program, and it’s been worth it all to see him going so well.

A Martial Arts milestone!

May 2, 2015


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Today was a really exciting day – Zac got his yellow belt in karate! I was so proud of him that I cried!

This may not sound like much, but for Zac it’s a huge milestone.

Zac and one of his instructors


Before he got glandular fever, Zac did a term of karate with a friend. Unfortunately, classes were a bit far away for him to continue, then he got sick, so it was an easy way to say the classes were not going to continue. He was getting too tired to go to school and that had to be our highest priority.

When we made the decision to do classes by Distance Education, we thought that doing karate could be both his PE class, and give him time with other kids his age, or he would have been home all the time with little contact with other kids.

He is able to go most weeks, but there are times when he’s too exhausted to attend classes. At the end of last year, but he came down with bronchitis and was unable to take part.

Knowing his test was coming up, we made sure he had a lot of rest yesterday and tried to get him to bed early… but he was too excited to sleep!

His test went really well, he even remembered which side was left and which was right! By the end of the test he was exhausted but really, really happy. He now has a yellow belt!

After his test he had a piano lesson! He was glad to finally get home and have a restful afternoon watching TV and reading. I don’t think he’s stopped smiling all day!

I’m so proud of him. In spite of everything he’s had to endure lately, this is a huge achievement.

Accelerated Maths & ebook launch

October 8, 2014

Melissa, Nat

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The boys and I have just come home from a celebratory dinner. We were celebrating two exciting things.

The first is the launch of my first ebook. Swallow Me, NOW! is a novel for children and deals with issues such as bullying, starting a new school, and making new friends. This is the realisation of a dream of being a published author. You can check out the ebook here.

The second is a celebration of Nat being accepted into the Accelerated Maths class at school. This means that next year, instead of doing year 8 maths, he will do year 9 maths!

To be accepted into this class, his teacher nominated him, then he had to sit a test to show his aptitude. At parent teacher interviews, his maths teacher had expressed how impressed she was with him. He would always try the extension maths questions on tests, even if he didn’t get them right. She was also impressed with the way he would learn mathematical concepts and the questions he would ask. She was confident that the accelerated class would be a good match for him and his mathematical mind. He would also get good results, even though he would miss the occasional class with leg pain.

All the students in this class went through the same process, and, even though he’s among the younger students in the class, he’s very bright and mathematically minded.

I’m very proud of Nat and all the work he’s done to get into this class. I’m hoping that next year he’ll enjoy maths more than this year, where he complained the work is too easy for him!

The boys and I had a lovely dinner together. Both boys are great company and going out to dinner with them is a lot of fun.

Starting Martial Arts

August 20, 2014


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Before he got sick, Zac did a term of karate with a school friend. He loved it, I think he found his sport. Since then, he has been begging to take it up regularly. Given that he doesn’t have the energy to attend school, it wasn’t an option.

Now that he’s going to be doing school by Distance Education, I figured now was the time to get him started. It would be an opportunity for him to hang out with some other kids his age, as well as doing some sort of physical activity. We have spoken to his Distance Education teacher, and participating in martial arts will count as his PE work for school!

There are two martial arts places in Oakleigh, and one of them was happy for Zac to have a trial to see if he enjoyed it. He went along this afternoon. The first thing was to get fitted for a uniform. The pants were a bit big, but he didn’t care.

We were taken upstairs where he had a session with Sensei Bruce who took him through his paces. Zac learned some martial arts moves and, by the end of the session, he was able to break a board with his foot! He thought that was very, very cool.

Zac was sold and we’ve signed him up for classes. I have spoken with them about his ME/CFS and they are happy for him to attend once a week instead of the recommended twice a week, and give him extra rest time if needed.

Zac is really excited and can’t wait to start classes next week!

Leaving on a jet plane!

September 27, 2013

Melissa, Zac

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Zac and I flew off for our Queensland holiday today, leaving Nat at home with Oma and Opa as he’s walking in the Grand Final parade today and then playing with Auskick before the AFL Grand Final tomorrow! It really is the chance of a lifetime. To say he’s a little bit excited is an understatement.

The boys have wanted to be dropped off at the airport for ages, and finally Zac got his chance. Oma and Opa dropped us off this morning and then took Nat into the city in time to participate in the parade. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it later tonight.

Even though he was excited, Zac was still pretty tired. It’s been nearly 4 weeks since he had glandular fever and he’s still not feeling too well. Hopefully a week in the sun will help him feel better.

The flight was uneventful. Zac had the window seat. When we arrived at the airport in Coolangatta, we caught a taxi to the place we were staying. We arrived earlier than check in, so left our bags and went for a wander to get some lunch. It was lovely to sit in the sun and look out over the beach.

When it was time, we went and settled into the time share unit and had a rest. There are brochures here with some ideas of what we can do. It looks like there’s a market we can visit tomorrow, that could be fun.

It’s nice to have a few days to spend one on one with Zac before Nat comes to join us. I hope he’s had fun in the Grand Final parade today.