Ordering school supplies

The boys are starting back at school on Thursday. In some ways I suspect we’ve been in a bit of denial… as I’ve only just ordered all their school supplies and books, and picked up their blazers from the dry-cleaner… that I dropped off 3 weeks ago!

I know we’ve had the whole of the holidays to get organised, but much has been recovering from 2017! I think when we stopped after Christmas, it all caught up with us and were too tired to do too much more than rest, then work started again.

There has also been quite a bit of anxiety for all of us with the lead up to school. Last year, Nat went to school for three days, then had a pain flare that ended up in a week in hospital and led to him being in a wheelchair for much of the year. While we’re pretty sure that’s not going to happen again, we can’t help but be anxious. In the back of my mind, ordering stationery and text books made school seem real. When it hadn’t been done, we could almost forget that school was on the horizon.

With school only a couple of days away, it was too late to put it off any longer! Thankfully, Officeworks has a fantastic service where I can just drop in their stationery lists and they pack it for me. We may not have the books for the first day back, but we do have enough of the basics to get them started for the year.

There’s only two more sleeps until school goes back.

I’m sure that once the boys are at school, life will settle down again. I’m looking forward to that.