Having Fun

Last night, the boys and I went out to dinner and then went to see The Greatest Showman at the movies. We bought our tickets at the last minute, which meant we couldn’t sit together, but that didn’t seem to matter. We all had a lovely evening.

On the way home, we realised that we’ve forgotten how to have fun together!

This may seem like a strange thing, however, during 2017 especially, we were all in survival mode, just doing what we had to do to get through the day. There was very little we did together just to have fun and enjoy life.

Last night, we were talking and realised that now that both boys are doing quite well, there needs to be a shift in our thinking that we can actually do things!

We used to do things during the school holiday like go to the Museum and Scienceworks, go to the movies, go and explore the city, and anything else that we felt like doing. We would also do things like go to dinner regularly, go to movies, and hang out together. We haven’t been doing very much of this at all.

So, I’m adding a goal, or even a word for the year. That is Fun.

I would like to build in some fun for the year, and learn how to have fun as a family once more.

One challenge I’m going to set for the boys is to come up with some ideas on things we can do together, both at home and going out. I’m looking forward to reading their list.

This is the trailer for the movie we saw last night, highly recommended: