Late night run for pain relief…

Nat is having a pain flare that started last night. He wasn’t planning to be awake to greet the New Year, but he was…

He has spent most of the last day and a half employing all the tools in his toolbox to deal with the pain.

This includes:

  • warm bath
  • shower
  • putting on shoes and socks
  • walking

Basically it’s keeping on moving and doing all the things he would normally do, just at a slower pace.

It was hard to do this during the afternoon when Nat was at a friends house, but once he got home he was able to have a bath and start working through his toolbox again.

One bit of advice he got from some of his CRPS support friends was to have ice cream! There is a lack of ice cream in our house as we haven’t bought more after Christmas… He also finds that chewy lollies helps.

We didn’t have any lollies in the house either as they’d all been eaten, so I went for a late night run to the shops for some lollies for Nat.

At the moment, we will do whatever we need to so the pain will get under control so he can keep going. After only 2 hours sleep last night, we are hoping he has a better sleep tonight. I hope the lollies are helping….