Month: January 2018

Having Fun

Last night, the boys and I went out to dinner and then went to see The Greatest Showman at the movies. We bought our tickets at the last minute, which meant we couldn’t sit together, but that didn’t seem to matter. We all had a lovely evening.

On the way home, we realised that we’ve forgotten how to have fun together!

This may seem like a strange thing, however, during 2017 especially, we were all in survival mode, just doing what we had to do to get through the day. There was very little we did together just to have fun and enjoy life.

Last night, we were talking and realised that now that both boys are doing quite well, there needs to be a shift in our thinking that we can actually do things!

We used to do things during the school holiday like go to the Museum and Scienceworks, go to the movies, go and explore the city, and anything else that we felt like doing. We would also do things like go to dinner regularly, go to movies, and hang out together. We haven’t been doing very much of this at all.

So, I’m adding a goal, or even a word for the year. That is Fun.

I would like to build in some fun for the year, and learn how to have fun as a family once more.

One challenge I’m going to set for the boys is to come up with some ideas on things we can do together, both at home and going out. I’m looking forward to reading their list.

This is the trailer for the movie we saw last night, highly recommended:

A ‘normal’ injury

This afternoon, Nat went out for a bike ride. He hadn’t been gone long when I received a phone call – he’d had an accident and fallen off his bike, and could I come and pick him up.

With CRPS, we constantly have the worry that his body will give a CRPS response to any pain, so I went to pick him up.

He was on the nature strip with blood on his knee, and was as white as a sheet. I got both him and his bike in the car (I have a small hatchback, and I’m amazed the bike fit!). As I started to turn to go home, Nat complained that when his eyes were open, everything was white. He was also shaking. So I turned around and we went right to the GP.

We were seen right away. After lying down for a while, colour came back into his face, however there was a CRPS-like pain reaction! He kept wiggling his toes and chewed on some chewing gum to help keep things under control.

The doctor reassured Nat that it was a normal injury, and that shock was common. The nurse cleaned his knee and dressed it and we headed home.

Nat’s normal injury!


He’s going to be sore for a while, and we are crossing our fingers it stays as just a sore knee. At least now we have many more things in our tool box to help keep the CRPS under control. If things get bad, we have a physio appointment on Thursday…

It’s funny, we’ve almost forgotten what to do with a normal childhood injury!

Learning new skills – lawnmowing

For the last couple of years, one of the jobs I wish Nat had been able to do was mow the lawns. Every time I saw my dad or sister-in-law mow our lawns, I wished they were out there showing Nat what to do. I’ve always felt that this is one job around the house that I’m happy to pay the kids to do.

With everything Nat’s been through, it was actually dangerous for him to be behind the lawnmower as he couldn’t stand up without help!

Tonight my dream of my 16 year old mowing the lawn came true!

Tonight after dinner, my dad took Nat out to teach him how to mow the lawn. It’s a learned skill that often, as adults, we forget that we needed to learn.

I’m looking forward to the time when Nat is able to mow the lawns by himself and earn some pocket money… it won’t be long!

Happy 16th Birthday!

Nat is 16 today! I can hardly believe it.

The last few years, he’s had his birthday on camp. This year, however, he came home from camp on his birthday. For morning tea they made him a huge chocolate cake complete with plenty of chocolates on top. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a photo of it, but it sounded delicious.

Tonight, all his cousins came around, along with one of his uncles and two of his aunts and we had a barbecue dinner to celebrate, complete with a couple of cheesecakes for his birthday cake. Zac was disgusted that there were 17, not 16, candles on the cake! I think Nat was more worried that they were black and white candles recycled from his great-grandfather’s birthday cake (his great-grandfather is a Collingwood supporter, Nat supports the AFL!).

Now I’m the mother of a 16 year old! It’s been an interesting journey so far, and I look forward to whatever the future holds.

In the short term, Nat wants to get his L plates so he can learn to drive! We have checked with the hospital and he’s cleared there, so all that’s needed is for him to learn the rules and pass his test! Watch this space.

Late night run for pain relief…

Nat is having a pain flare that started last night. He wasn’t planning to be awake to greet the New Year, but he was…

He has spent most of the last day and a half employing all the tools in his toolbox to deal with the pain.

This includes:

  • warm bath
  • shower
  • putting on shoes and socks
  • walking

Basically it’s keeping on moving and doing all the things he would normally do, just at a slower pace.

It was hard to do this during the afternoon when Nat was at a friends house, but once he got home he was able to have a bath and start working through his toolbox again.

One bit of advice he got from some of his CRPS support friends was to have ice cream! There is a lack of ice cream in our house as we haven’t bought more after Christmas… He also finds that chewy lollies helps.

We didn’t have any lollies in the house either as they’d all been eaten, so I went for a late night run to the shops for some lollies for Nat.

At the moment, we will do whatever we need to so the pain will get under control so he can keep going. After only 2 hours sleep last night, we are hoping he has a better sleep tonight. I hope the lollies are helping….