A lovely day

This afternoon I picked Zac up from school. He was bright and chirpy and happy. He had enjoyed school and had a good day.

Nothing special happened at school.

He had all the usual subjects, including ones he doesn’t particularly like.

There was no lunch order as they don’t have canteen on Tuesday.

It was just a normal day.

But Zac was happy and bouncy.

It’s been quite some time since he’s been like this. Usually school leaves him flat and tired. Generally life leaves him flat and tired, especially when there is worry and anxiety added on top of the usual ME/CFS symptoms.

This was such a boost to all of us. We have been living in a flat mood of worry for so long, having a spark of happiness was such a change. Such a lovely change.

We have been living with ME/CFS for over four years. An article I read shortly after his diagnosis said that most kids recover around the five year mark and I’ve held onto this hope that Zac will fit the mould of the “average” child with ME/CFS. Days like today give us hope that he will be returning to life as a teenager, a life like the other kids in his class.

May there be many more days like this,