Where everyone knows your name!

Nat had an appointment at the hospital. This is the second time there this week, and it’s not uncommon that we’re there two or three times a week (or more).

We are usually greeted by the people who work on the information desk. Nat gives me a hard time because I always have a little chat with them. I recognise them on sight, even though I keep forgetting who is who, and they know who we are.

There are a number of people who work in the Starlight Room as well as cafe staff and nurses who recognise us and ask how we’re going!

Part of the reason they know us so well is that the hospital seems to be a second home for us right now. We are there multiple times a week and Nat has had three admissions so far this year.

Another reason is that Nat is pretty unforgettable. He constantly has a cube in his hands and people are amazed at how fast he can solve it. Today we ran into one of the Starlight Room volunteers who shared Nat’s cubing skills with others in the hallway!



The photos are pretty dark, but you get the idea!

We are often asked how Nat is going with his cubing. I am also asked how my latest book is going after we took Nat out of the hospital for the book launch!

We were talking today about whether or not this is a good thing… It does make the hospital seem a much friendlier place with people smiling and greeting us. On the other hand, the fact that they know us means we’re at the hospital a lot!

Both of us are looking forward to being able to say Good Bye for the final time as that will mean Nat’s healed. Though in the mean time, we look forward to the friendly greetings and the chance to talk about our interests rather than constantly talking about pain.