Return of the afternoon nap

I’m not talking about the kids – I’m the one who has started having afternoon naps again!

Juggling work, medical appointments, exercises and project work for Nat, home life, and everything else that I’m doing takes a lot of energy. It’s exhausting. Most days, I just put one foot in front of the other and do just what needs to be done before going to bed the minute both boys are in bed.

The last couple of weeks, including today, I’ve been having an afternoon nap on the days I’m not working. Those days tend to have appointments for Nat, or are on the weekends. Last Sunday, I fell asleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon!

Even on the days I have an afternoon nap, I’m still falling into bed as soon as the boys are both in bed, however I’m starting to have more of a clear head and slowly getting some energy back.

Afternoon naps are something that I have in my toolbox to help me get through life with everything we are dealing with. The first day I felt I needed one, I felt a bit guilty that I wasn’t getting through my To Do List… but no longer. It’s something that I need!