Month: July 2017

A special cube

July 17, 2017


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My mum is making a special gift for Nat for Christmas. While she had her crafty hat on, she decided to make a special cube for Nat to brighten his mood while he was in hospital!

The result is below:

It’s a 1x1x1 cube and is soft, so it can be thrown at little brother’s when they are being annoying… Mum even took great care to make sure the colours on each side matched Nat’s other cubes. He thinks it’s a pretty cool present and it certainly lifted his spirits.

His cousins now want Oma to make one for them too!

Hair cut and some awesome visitors

July 15, 2017


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Nat was able to come home for a home visit today. He was visited by his dad in the morning who then took Zac to his place for the weekend. The visit started late morning and the plan was to go home for a while, have lunch, then return to the hospital.

The first thing we needed to do was get Nat’s hair cut. He was starting to look a bit like a toilet brush with his hair sticking up!

We were happy to find that the wheelchair was able to go inside downstairs. This will mean that getting around is possible. Even though he could sit in the wheelchair, Nat opted for sitting on a dining chair to have his hair cut.

Usually, we would just use the hair clippers, but this time he wanted Oma to cut his hair with scissors.


He wasn’t too impressed at all the hair that went everywhere, but he looked a lot better afterwards! We also made him change out of his Australian Nationals Cubing Competition t-shirt as it was covered with hair.

We didn’t stay home for too long, just long enough to have some of Oma’s homemade soup for lunch, before heading back to the hospital.

The afternoon brought visitors – his cousins, Reuben and Wesley, and Opa. They had a lovely time playing on the rhino in the atrium. Nat even decided to climb up with his cousins! One of Nat’s physios walked passed and suggested that climbing onto the rhino using his feet should be one of his exercises…

After a lovely play, we all headed back to Nat’s room so he could put his feet up, and we played a round of Spot-It (modified so a 4 year old could play) while we waited for Aunty Alyssa and Lewis to join us and take all his cousins home again.

It was a lovely time away from the hospital this morning, then playing this afternoon.

Signed footy jumper

July 13, 2017


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Nat’s favourite AFL football team is the Geelong Football Club. He has been a fan since he was in Prep. Geelong won the Grand Final that year. When he was younger, he wanted to be an AFL Footballer and play for Geelong. He even had plans for me to marry a Geelong footballer so he could get in under the Father/Son rule.

Nat’s still in hospital and has been having a rough time this week. He’s been working hard, but feeling a bit down. OK, a lot down. He’s working hard in physio but is still in a lot of pain.

Uncle Steve works for the Marngrook Footy Show and this afternoon he rang us to let us know that Harry Taylor, one of Nat’s favourite Geelong players, was appearing on the show. My dad drove Nat’s footy jumper up to the footy show to get it signed and then delivered it to Nat in the hospital.

Steve sent us the above photo of him, Harry Tayor, and my dad holding the signed jumper. He told us that Harry Taylor was a lovely guy and had heard about CRPS through his training as a physiotherapist! This brightened Nat’s day even more, especially as so many of the nurses hadn’t heard of it.

Once the jumper had been delivered, my dad stayed in the hospital to watch the footy show on TV.

Nat is really proud of his jumper and enjoyed showing it to the nurses. He’s looking forward to showing it off to his therapists tomorrow.

Distraction is key…

July 10, 2017


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Hospital can be pretty boring. Since he’s been in hospital, I’ve been keeping my eye out of activities that will keep him occupied. I spotted some craft activities in the supermarket and picked them up. I figured it was something a bit different.

Nat was still in quite a bit of pain after going to church yesterday, so I encouraged him to try a mosaic this afternoon. This is our result:

I don’t think it made much difference to his pain, but it was a fun activity to do together. It’s been quite some time since we did some craft together like this. The other mosaic in the kit is an owl. I wonder when we’ll have a chance to do that one…

Hospital break out!

July 9, 2017


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We were able to take Nat out of the hospital this morning to go to church. This is the first time he’s been out of the hospital since he was admitted. He still has the band on his wrist, but he’s been hiding it with his jumper.

He was very excited about being able to leave the hospital for the morning. The only thing we had to make sure of was he would be back by 2pm for his medication.

It was interesting getting him into the car as he wasn’t able to put much weight on his legs, but we got him in and drove the 20 minutes to church.

When we arrived, Zac had to run in to open the door with the ramp so we could get inside. Nat was warmly welcomed by everyone and he settled on the couch up the back of the church. Some friends decided that wasn’t good enough, so they moved the couch to the side aisle, close to the heater so he could be a bit warmer!

Nat enjoyed the service and being around friends for a while. All too soon it was time to head home, but not before doing a detour to visit Nat was in need of a new cube to help pass the time in hospital.

By the time we’d finished, Nat was very sore and just wanted to get back to the hospital. We stopped off at McDonald’s for some lunch, though we just got drive through so we could get back sooner. He was in too much pain to eat, but enjoyed the break from hospital food when he got back.

It was lovely spending some time together as a family, as short as it was, and it was hard to see Nat in so much pain on the drive back to the hospital, but it was worth it.