Month: May 2017

I have been diagnosed with severe depression…

May 22, 2017


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I have recently been diagnosed with severe depression. This is hardly surprising given everything that is on my plateā€¦ even my doctors say so.

Trying to keep track of various appointments for two kids, work, writing… sometimes it’s all a bit much for one mum to handle. I need to get better at asking for help, and taking up offers when they are on offer. One of the hardest things is knowing what to ask for when people offer to help…

A gift for the new physio department

May 16, 2017


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For ages, Nat’s been complaining about the quality of the balls in the physio department at the Monash Hospital. Namely that the footy’s have been too small and the wrong football team, or they only have soccer balls!

On the weekend, we were shopping for a birthday present for one of my nephews. He really wanted a “real” footy for his birthday, and the shop was having a special if you bought two footballs, so we bought one for the physio department in the new Monash Children’s Hospital.

This morning, we were able to give the footy to Nat’s physio. She was very pleased at the new addition to their equipment and is looking forward to kicking it around with Nat very soon.

A Day at School Camp

May 4, 2017


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It can be hard to manage Zac’s energy levels. Being a 13 year old, he wants to do what the others are doing… but we know if he does this, he will crash, and quite spectacularly!

One of the consequences of this is Zac isn’t able to go on school camps. One of the main reasons is that the kids all go to bed too late, meaning Zac wouldn’t get enough sleep. This is really important to keep Zac healthy and involved. We know his base line, and it’s hard for Zac to sit on the sidelines and watch the other kids have fun doing camp activities.

The compromise it to go up to camp for a single day, which he did today.

He was really excited about going, especially as this would be his first camp experience at his new school. I assumed he was having fun when the following photo was sent to me:


When I picked him up that evening, he was full of stories about camp, especially about holding the snake (which was happening as he arrived). If he’d been able to, he would have taken the snake home with him!!

I’m sure he’ll be exhausted tomorrow. I’m glad we have planned a rest day for him. I’m also glad he had the opportunity to go on school camp, even if it was only for one day.