Month: December 2016

Last rehab appointment!

December 14, 2016


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I took Nat to see the rehab specialist today for a follow up appointment.

When we first saw in in July, Nat was wearing shorts, no shoes or socks on his left foot, and was using crutches to get around. At our last appointment, Nat was still wearing shorts, but had got tot he stage where he was wearing thongs on his feet and didn’t need crutches all the time, but still needed them for distance.

Today, Nat was wearing tracksuit pants (he wore them deliberately to show the doctor that he could) and had left the crutches at home!

The doctor was so pleased with his progress that we don’t have to go back to see him! He is still there for us if we need any follow up appointments, but we don’t need to schedule a follow up!

I am so proud of how hard Nat has worked in all his physio exercises to aid a speedy recovery.

We are both looking forward to next year looking very different to this one.