Month: September 2016

Helping with School Work…

September 26, 2016

Melissa, Nat

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I think Nat is going to regret asking his author mother to help him with his Distance Education work!

One of his tasks for Food Technology is to write a letter to Mrs Sal Manella about poisoning her husband and the causes of food poisoning. The idea was to show that he’d paid attention to the food safety information.

My suggestion:

Dear Sal,

You idiot, why didn’t you take my advice. Food poisoning can be an effective way to murder your husband and make it look like an accident. You obviously didn’t take my advice seriously since he is still alive.

I am going to dump you and run away with Miss Tamination as she knows how to follow instructions

From your doctor

Somehow, I don’t think that letter would have led him to pass the task! Maybe I need to stop watching and reading murder mysteries!

Oh well, we may as well have some fun with homework…