Month: July 2016

7×7 is best for a waiting room!

July 28, 2016


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Nat has a habit when we’re in a waiting room. He will solve a cube and then hand it to me to scramble. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing – reading a book or magazine, playing on my iPad, writing a chapter of my next book or a blog post – regularly a cube will appear on my lap waiting to be solved.

Most commonly, it’s a 3×3. The problem with that is he can solve it in around 10 seconds! This is a problem when I’m trying to focus on what I’m doing…

The most recent physio appointment, he brought his 7×7 cube along. This was great for me as it takes around 5 minutes to finish a 7×7… I was actually able to finish reading an article in a magazine if I’d wanted to.

There was just one problem…. I had already read the magazine’s in the waiting room! Except for the golf ones… let’s not go too crazy!

Next time, I’ll remember to take my book… and his 7×7!


Shopping in a wheel chair!

July 18, 2016


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A couple of weeks ago we had to do some shopping for birthday presents, and Nat had to come with me. As he’s on crutches most of the time (quite painful in itself), to help him navigate the large shopping centre, we hired a wheelchair for the couple of hours we were at the shops. We have found that most shopping centres have free wheelchairs available for shoppers and we’re learning to take full advantage of it!

I must admit, one advantage of having him sitting in a wheel chair is that I can put all the shopping bags on his lap for him to carry! That does make pushing a 50kg 14 year old around the shopping centre worth it…

Nat has found another advantage… He can easily solve his cube while we shop!