Month: January 2016

An Ambulance trip

January 27, 2016


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This morning, I got a phone call from Zac. He was quite distressed as, he said, Nat couldn’t move! I knew all about the pain in his legs, but this was new. I rushed home, thankfully work isn’t all that far from home, only to find Nat still in bed and quite upset as he couldn’t move from the neck down!

I didn’t know what else to do, so I called the ambulance. They got here pretty quickly and assessed Nat. He could feel them, but couldn’t move!

They gave him some medication in a green “whistle”. That seemed to help, at least enough for the ambulance officers to get him down the stairs and into the ambulance!

Once the ambulance officers decided to take Nat to hospital, I rang Auntie Alyssa to see if I could drop Zac over there, which I did then met Nat at the hospital. As it turned out, I arrived at the same time as Nat was put in a bed!

The medication they gave him in the green whistle seemed to be having an effect as the pain had gone down his body and he could now move his arms. His cubing drew a bit of a crowd!

The doctors did all the usual checks for pain levels, though it felt like we spent most of the day simply waiting for the next check. Eventually we were moved from Emergency into the short stay area. The pain seemed to move down his body during the course of the day, even though the level of pain didn’t seem to reduce.

After a while, the doctor did a blood test to see if there was anything that may have been causing the pain. He came back and said the results were clear and he must have a virus, and then sent us home!

By this stage, the pain was in Nat’s feet and legs, below his knees, and he still couldn’t put any weight on his legs, but we were still sent home.

I struggled to help him out of the hospital and to the car. I am hoping that he’s OK to start school tomorrow… we’ll see what happens in the morning.