Month: October 2015

Knee taping for Osgood Schlatters

October 30, 2015


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Nat has been diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters in his left knee. This is a possible cause of his knee pain, however, given his age, he’s at the end of the condition. When his knee pain first began, he had an ultrasound to rule out Osgood Schlatters, however the technician said there was no evidence even though the GP saw something in the scan. At that point, it was too early to do anything about it.

One of the things we are doing to treat this is go to his physio. This is the same physio he’s been seeing for a while, so she already knows him and his legs!

Nat found the brace really uncomfortable, so his physio taped up his knee. Nat chose the brightest colour tape they had!

This tape will give him a bit of relief from the pain. We will need to get it replaced next week, but that’s worth it to give him relief.

We are hoping that this is the end of his leg pain once the Osgood Schlatters is resolved.

Starting a new school

October 19, 2015


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 Well, today is the day. After 5 terms of Distance Education, Zac is starting at a new school!

He will only be at school for half days, and we have a demi pair who will be able to help with picking him up so I won’t be spending all my time driving to and from various schools after kids, but it will be a great transition for him in preparation for high school next year.

We’re all a bit nervous as he’s going to a brand new school a couple of weeks into Term 4 of Grade 6, but we’ve heard fantastic things about this school, and the principal and teacher were happy to talk about things they can do to help Zac at school so he doesn’t overdo things.

Zac is pretty excited about getting back to school and making some new friends. I suspect he was getting a bit bored being home all the time!

I hope he has an amazing time. I look forward to hearing all about it when he gets home.

20 Minute Outdoor Exercise

October 18, 2015


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One of the things Zac has to do to help with his ME/CFS is to have 20 minutes of outdoor exercise every day. Some days this is easier than others.

On a Sunday, we have started stopping at a local walking track to do our walk. We walk up the path for 10 minutes, then walk back.

This is a pleasant time with me and the boys. We walk along the path and have a lovely chat. We go the same route on our way to Zac’s piano lessons, and this is a special time with just me and Zac.

The advantage of doing this is that I get some gentle exercise too!

Once we have finished our walk, we head off to church.

It’s wonderful having such a nice path to walk close to our home.