Month: September 2015

Trip to the zoo

September 30, 2015


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Two and a half weeks ago, Zac started his CFS rehab program. We knew that the kids would be planning a day trip, most likely to the zoo. Well, today was that day!

Part of the program involved the kids planning the day, what they wanted to see, rest periods, etc, so they would be able to plan outings and events when the program ended. To say Zac was excited about this trip was an understatement.

He had a wonderful time, and did get to enjoy the reptile house!

This afternoon, he went for a bike ride and a play in the park. He hasn’t been able to do this much activity in a very, very long time! Thankfully tomorrow will be a quiet day where he can get a lot of rest. Fingers crossed he doesn’t have a crash.

It’s been so great seeing his progress in the last few weeks. We have all been learning a lot about CFS and how to avoid the cycle of doing too much when he has energy then crashing!

Next week is the last week of of the program, and it’s been worth it all to see him going so well.