Month: May 2015

A Martial Arts milestone!

May 2, 2015


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Today was a really exciting day – Zac got his yellow belt in karate! I was so proud of him that I cried!

This may not sound like much, but for Zac it’s a huge milestone.

Zac and one of his instructors


Before he got glandular fever, Zac did a term of karate with a friend. Unfortunately, classes were a bit far away for him to continue, then he got sick, so it was an easy way to say the classes were not going to continue. He was getting too tired to go to school and that had to be our highest priority.

When we made the decision to do classes by Distance Education, we thought that doing karate could be both his PE class, and give him time with other kids his age, or he would have been home all the time with little contact with other kids.

He is able to go most weeks, but there are times when he’s too exhausted to attend classes. At the end of last year, but he came down with bronchitis and was unable to take part.

Knowing his test was coming up, we made sure he had a lot of rest yesterday and tried to get him to bed early… but he was too excited to sleep!

His test went really well, he even remembered which side was left and which was right! By the end of the test he was exhausted but really, really happy. He now has a yellow belt!

After his test he had a piano lesson! He was glad to finally get home and have a restful afternoon watching TV and reading. I don’t think he’s stopped smiling all day!

I’m so proud of him. In spite of everything he’s had to endure lately, this is a huge achievement.