Month: October 2014

Accelerated Maths & ebook launch

October 8, 2014

Melissa, Nat

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The boys and I have just come home from a celebratory dinner. We were celebrating two exciting things.

The first is the launch of my first ebook. Swallow Me, NOW! is a novel for children and deals with issues such as bullying, starting a new school, and making new friends. This is the realisation of a dream of being a published author. You can check out the ebook here.

The second is a celebration of Nat being accepted into the Accelerated Maths class at school. This means that next year, instead of doing year 8 maths, he will do year 9 maths!

To be accepted into this class, his teacher nominated him, then he had to sit a test to show his aptitude. At parent teacher interviews, his maths teacher had expressed how impressed she was with him. He would always try the extension maths questions on tests, even if he didn’t get them right. She was also impressed with the way he would learn mathematical concepts and the questions he would ask. She was confident that the accelerated class would be a good match for him and his mathematical mind. He would also get good results, even though he would miss the occasional class with leg pain.

All the students in this class went through the same process, and, even though he’s among the younger students in the class, he’s very bright and mathematically minded.

I’m very proud of Nat and all the work he’s done to get into this class. I’m hoping that next year he’ll enjoy maths more than this year, where he complained the work is too easy for him!

The boys and I had a lovely dinner together. Both boys are great company and going out to dinner with them is a lot of fun.