Month: August 2014

Starting Martial Arts

August 20, 2014


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Before he got sick, Zac did a term of karate with a school friend. He loved it, I think he found his sport. Since then, he has been begging to take it up regularly. Given that he doesn’t have the energy to attend school, it wasn’t an option.

Now that he’s going to be doing school by Distance Education, I figured now was the time to get him started. It would be an opportunity for him to hang out with some other kids his age, as well as doing some sort of physical activity. We have spoken to his Distance Education teacher, and participating in martial arts will count as his PE work for school!

There are two martial arts places in Oakleigh, and one of them was happy for Zac to have a trial to see if he enjoyed it. He went along this afternoon. The first thing was to get fitted for a uniform. The pants were a bit big, but he didn’t care.

We were taken upstairs where he had a session with Sensei Bruce who took him through his paces. Zac learned some martial arts moves and, by the end of the session, he was able to break a board with his foot! He thought that was very, very cool.

Zac was sold and we’ve signed him up for classes. I have spoken with them about his ME/CFS and they are happy for him to attend once a week instead of the recommended twice a week, and give him extra rest time if needed.

Zac is really excited and can’t wait to start classes next week!